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for such permits.  Accordingly, all pertinent agencies shall be contacted
early in the design phase to take the following steps:
! identify regulations impacting on the prospective landfill
! determine the extent, detail, and format of the application
! obtain permit application forms and other background information.  Two permits relevant to landfills are identified and
mandated by these criteria:
NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit (402
and 404) required for location of a landfill in waters of the United
States.  It is also required for any point source discharges from
sanitary landfills, such as from leachate collection systems.
Army Corps of Engineers permit required for the construction of any
levee, dike, or other type of containment structure to be placed at a
sanitary landfill located in waters of the United States.  Permit requirements of state and local regulations vary
depending on jurisdiction.  In some areas, only one permit is needed.  Other
states may require several separate permits or stipulate that a new sanitary
landfill proponent coordinate with several agencies.  Sanitary landfill regulations can be the responsibility of
one or more state agencies.  Appendix D lists the various state agencies
(including addresses and telephone numbers) responsible for solid waste
disposal activities in those states. Local regulatory agencies may include one or more of the
environmental and health departments
planning and/or zoning commissions
board of county commissioners
building departments
highway departments
fire departments. The reviewing agency may require the submittal of
information on standard forms or in a prescribed format in order to facilitate
the review process.  This process can take at least 1 month and usually 6 to
12 months or longer, depending on the degree of controversy and opposition.
After a permit is issued, it can be valid for various durations, depending
largely upon the submittal of monitoring results and performance reports and
the results of periodic onsite inspections. Site Selection.  Selection of an appropriate site on the
installation is the most critical step in establishing a sanitary landfill
facility.  Site selection criteria shall include cost, availability of land,
availability of cover material, impact on natural resources (i.e., wildlife,
endangered species, ecological sensitivities, etc.), topographic features and
hydrogeologic considerations, environmental and pollution hazards, and social


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