Quantcast Landfilling Methods and Operations

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e. Groundwater monitoring well locations, depths, and
f. Details illustrating the types and locations for site facilities
and nondimensioned configurations to be used, including draining
structures, liners, gas control vents, and onsite roads.
g. Conceptual site closure plan indicating the types of vegetation to
be used for final site landscaping, onsite appurtenances, and
other improvements.
h. A conceptual design report, including a description of:
(1) Site conditions, including a description of existing site
size, topography and slopes, surface water, utilities, roads,
structures, land use, soil and groundwater, subsurface
exploration data, bedrock, and climatology conditions.
(2) Design criteria including solid waste types and volumes
expected, fill area dimensions, and site life.
(3) Operational procedures to be used to implement the design,
including discussion of site preparation, solid waste
unloading, handling, and covering procedures, as well as
equipment and personnel requirements.
(4) Environmental safeguards including control of leachate,
surface water, gas, blowing paper, odor, flies, etc.
(5) Initial site preparation and development steps.
(6) Site closure and post-closure monitoring/maintenance plan.
(7) Project cost estimates (generally prepared for in-house uses
2. Construction design plan and specifications:
Construction designs contain, at a minimum, all the elements of a
conceptual design noted above.  In addition, further details are
provided to enable a bid package to be advertised for a contractor
to fully construct all plan elements.  For example, all drainage
structures are completely sized; precise locations are noted by
coordinates, bearing, and distance or other means; and
environmental control systems, including those for leachate and
landfill gas management, are fully designed.  Also, a construction
design package will include interim development plans showing fill
surface and excavation contours, drainage structures, and road
alignment at interim steps in the life of the landfill.
4.2.7  Landfilling Methods and Operations (Tchobanoglous, Theisen, and
Eliassen 1977).  To use the available area at a landfill site effectively, a


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