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Table 4-2-7D (Robinson 1986) identifies tasks that must
be accomplished during site closure.  Some regulatory agencies are requiring
that the developer prepare a closure plan as part of the initial plans for the
landfill.  If a closure plan has not been developed, the tasks identified in
the table under "Preplanning" must be completed.  Preplanning includes
specifying the final topographical contours for the landfill and establishing
procedures for storm water removal. A source of cover shall be identified when the fill is
designed.  If additional cover material will be needed, it shall be brought to
the site while the landfill is operating.  This will ensure that cover is
available when the landfill is closed, and the cost can be recovered from
current landfill users.  Another preplanning element is preparing a
landscaping and vegetative cover plan for implementation upon closure.  This
is in addition to planning other features of the landfill such as gas vents,
leachate collection facilities, or groundwater monitoring systems.  A
schematic of a closed landfill is shown in Figure 4-2-7G.  Impermeable
membranes are used to control movement of landfill gases and leachate.


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