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to identify valuable resources now being lost in the waste stream and
to divert these  resources to the recycling program.  The Recycling
Planning Board(1) will foster an awareness of the value of resources
and investigate the feasibility of recycling materials of any
potential value.
to identify recyclable wastes which are currently being disposed of in
a landfill, incinerator, or other solid waste management facility and
which could be disposed of at a lower cost through recycling or
resource recovery.
to safeguard assets, and to the degree warranted by their value,
establish custody and access controls on select items collected for
recycling.  In developing bulletins on specific materials, the Board
will consider the value and pilferability of the items and prescribe
appropriate controls.
to maintain accurate accounting records.  The Base Comptroller will
adopt appropriate operating procedures to ensure the accuracy of
accounting records.
to use the net proceeds on approved projects that will provide the
maximum benefit to the maximum number of people. Economic Evaluation.  Economic analysis to justify an RRRP
may be based on revenues from sale of recyclable materials or cost avoidance for
disposal of wastes in a solid waste management facility. Before any recycling activity can be approved, an economic
analysis must be performed.  Service directives provide details for making such
an assessment.  Most of the main points are summarized below. The example
economic analysis is based on a source separation program.  It is also specific
to recycling of TAB cards only.  The procedure for evaluating other materials
would be quite similar. Factors for Economic Analysis and Implementation Schedule
Determine the approximate quantity of materials that will be source
separated, locations where each type of material would be stored for
pickup, and frequency of required pickup as influenced by economic,
environmental, hygienic, aesthetic, and safety requirements.
Request from DRMO a determination of local markets for high-grade
paper, corrugated containers, and/or newspapers, as applicable.
Information to be obtained from DRMO includes the following:
! market price
! prognosis of price future
! pickup point changes
! any preparation required, such as baling, special tying, etc.
(1)  Described in Section 4.3.12.


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