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Implementation  To establish a QRP, the base commander issues an
installation directive or instruction identifying the following program
Designate the program manager.  Generally, this shall be the
department already functionally responsible for the collection and
disposal of the waste material.
Identify means for maintaining fiscal accountability of funds
received and disbursed.
Provide for maintenance of records on quantity and types of
materials sold for recycling.
Provide for review of projects funded with the proceeds of sales.
This shall be done by the same people who would review such
projects if funded from normal appropriations.
Describe specific implementation procedures of the program.  Copies
of the directive shall be sent to the DRMO and higher Headquarters.
Establish procedures for tracking recycling expenses.
An installation that does not conduct its own waste
disposal program may establish a QRP either by dealing with DRMO or through
an agreement with the installation handling its waste disposal.  The QRP is
to be set up for the entire installation, not separate activities, with the
installation as a whole receiving the proceeds from sales.  If another
installation is handling the waste collection, that installation may or may
not be willing to also provide this service for recyclable materials.  In any
case, in order for a generating installation to be credited directly by DRMO
with the proceeds from waste sales, the turn-in document (DD Form 1348-1)
must contain a reimbursable fund site specific to that installation.  If
several generators with QRPs have a centralized collection process and wish
to be reimbursed separately, a Form 1348-1 must be submitted for each
installation, specifying the amount of material originating from each
installation.  DRMO will then determine equitable distribution of sales
proceeds.  A sample DD Form 1348-1 is shown in Appendix G.
Equipment and Facilities
Equipment for establishing of recycling programs shall be procured
through the appropriations normally available for equipment
acquisition.  The acquisition of new or replacement equipment
related solely to recycling of solid and other waste is eligible
for financing from net proceeds generated by the sale of waste
materials. Annual programs for the acquisition of such equipment
shall be coordinated with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of
Defense for Manpower, Reserve Affairs, and Logistics (MRA&L).
The financing of equipment that is used jointly or shared with such
activities as the DRMO or Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)


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