Quantcast Resource Recovery and Recycling Program (RRRP) Operations -Cont.

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instructed by RRRP.
Building Monitors will ensure
(4) RRRP staff will place canvas mail carts, or other suitable
conveyances, at predetermined locations within those
facilities that require them.  Generators will store
recyclable paper in said containers while awaiting pickup.
(5) The local RRRP manager develops regularly scheduled pickup
routes for collection of ledger paper.  The minimum frequency
will be once a week.  Generators whose volume of recyclable
paper does not warrant a weekly collection will get a pickup
when they have accumulated a minimum of 200 lb of material.
RRRP staff will remove collected material within 3 days of
notification by Building Monitors.
(6) RRRP paper collection teams, consisting of one motor vehicle
operator (MVO) and one laborer each, will follow established
collection routes in picking up recyclable paper:
Team will ensure that all collection carts within a
facility are accounted for.
Team will empty all carts that are at least 1/2 full.
Carts less than 1/2 full need not be picked up, at the
discretion of the MVO.
Team will roll, or otherwise carry, those carts which
need to be emptied to the RRRP truck, or other assigned
collection vehicle.
MVO will ensure that paper is properly segregated.
Improperly segregated or contaminated carts must be
segregated and cleaned by the RRRP team.  Properly
segregated material will be emptied into Gaylord-type
boxes carried upon the collection truck.  MVO will
ensure that sufficient boxes are on board the truck, and
that said boxes are marked according to the proper
classification of paper which they are to contain, in
compliance with existing contracts.
Carts that are contaminated by foreign materials to an
extent greater than 25% are to be returned to their
original location, unemptied.  The building number,
location number of office, and symbol of area where
returned carts are located will be reported to the local
RRRP manager.
Carts that are soiled or damaged shall be replaced by
new or clean carts.  Soiled or damaged carts are to be
returned to the recycling plant.


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