Quantcast Cardboard Collection and Baling Operation

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MVO will keep a daily log using established format.
Problem areas,  i.e., contamination, lack of segre-
gation, missing carts, are to be indicated on log.  The
local RRRP manger will contact appropriate Building
Monitor in order to correct and prevent future
Teams will pick up from bulk quantity generators and
small volume generators according to procedures
established and agreed upon by the RRRP manager and the
Building Monitors.
Gaylord boxes and bulk pickups will be delivered to the
recycling plant at the end of the regularly scheduled
route, immediately after bulk pickup, or when Gaylord
boxes or truck is full, as good judgment and common
sense would determine.
Routes are to be complete within specified time limits
as determined by the RRRP manager.
MVO will unload Gaylord boxes with forklift and stack
in assigned area according to established procedures.
Partially full boxes are to be capped off before
Team will unload bulk pickups and store on pallets in
proper area of warehouse.
Upon completion of daily routes, collection team will
pack Gaylord boxes for shipment or perform other duties
as assigned.
MVO is responsible for daily maintenance and cleanli-
ness of vehicles.
Cardboard Collection and Baling Operation:
(1) Cardboard will be delivered to the warehouse by RRRP
personnel or other means according to established
(2) One sorter will be assigned to operate the cardboard baler.
(3) Sorter will separate trash and foam from cardboard and
dispose of in trash dumpster provided.
(4) Clean, uncontaminated cardboard will be baled according to
procedures outlined in baler operation manual.
(5) Sorter is responsible for baling all cardboard delivered to
the baling pad on any given day, provided it is received no
later than 1 h before quitting time.


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