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(6) Sorter must broom sweep pad prior to leaving for the day and
pick up any trash, paper, or cardboard not contained within
the fenced-in area.
(7) Sorter is responsible for cleanliness of baling pad and
(8) Sorter is responsible for daily maintenance check of all
equipment.  Any potential problems shall be reported to the
local RRRP manager.
(9) Sorter must follow all safety procedures established for
baler operation.
(10) Upon completion of baling and cleaning, laborer is to assist
in the wood grinding operation, shipping of paper, or other
duties as assigned.
Metals Recycling:
(1) RRRP personnel will follow procedures outlined in DoD
4160.21 H, Defense Scrap Yard Handbook.
Upon arrival in the scrap yard, RRRP personnel will
remove material from trailers and place in the
segregation area.
RRRP personnel will identify material according to DoD
scrap classification codes which are determined by
proper application of one or more of the following
listed tests:
chemical spot testing
electronic metal analyzer.
Hoppers or engine cans bearing various scrap codes are
provided to facilitate the segregation of metals.  When
a hopper is filled, it is weighed and dumped.  Weight
is recorded and forwarded to sales writers through the
purchasing office.  Also, shipping documents DD 1348-1
are coded with appropriate scrap class code and RRRP's
financial accounting code when removed from the item
during the identification process.  Said documents are
forwarded to the Documentation Section through the
purchasing office.
Sorters will perform first echelon maintenance on fork
lifts and equipment used in the scrap yard.
Warehouse Operation:


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