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(1) (Designated Building) will serve as warehouse and storage
area for recyclable materials.
(2) The local RRRP manager or designated
Work Leader will plot
areas for storage of specific grades
or other recyclable
materials, as required, and identify
certain areas for the
segregation, shipping, and receiving
of materials.
(3) Work Leader will ensure that all employees adhere to the
warehouse planned functional layout diagram when receiving,
loading, or shipping materials.
(4) Work Leader is responsible for daily maintenance and
cleanliness of warehouse, equipment, and all plant facilities
and grounds.
Warehouse will be broom swept daily and mopped as
Outside perimeter of building is to be picked up and
maintained on a daily basis.  Trash, scrap, and debris
are to be removed and deposited into an approved trash
Grounds adjacent to the warehouse, baler, and grinder
pads are to be cleaned and maintained on a daily basis.
No trash or debris is to be allowed to accumulate or
scatter about the RRRP property nor be allowed to
scatter or be carried by the wind beyond the confines
of the fenced-in area.
The local RRRP manager sets the standards for
(5) One laborer will be assigned to work on a prorated basis
within the warehouse for the purpose of segregating
recyclable materials.
Scrap Wood:
(1) The local RRRP manager will survey base collection points
and identify wood scrap by the following categories:
usable lumber for resale
usable scrap for wood grinder
unusable scrap.
(2) Collection personnel will deliver material to designated
areas adjacent to the wood grinder located near the
(3) Sufficient labor will be assigned to cut, break up, and
segregate wood scrap according to Paragraph la.


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