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Memorandum 80-5 as the responsibility of each branch] including the wastes
listed below:
Toxicological, biological, radiological, and lethal chemical warfare
materials which, by U.S. law, must be destroyed
material that cannot be disposed of in its present form because of
military regulations, e.g., consecrated religious items and
cryptographic equipment
municipal-type garbage, trash, and refuse resulting from residential,
institutional, commercial, agricultural, and community activities,
which the facilities engineer routinely collects
contractor-generated materials that are the contractor's
responsibility for disposal under terms of the contract
sludges resulting from municipal-type wastewater treatment facilities
sludges and residues generated as a result of industrial plant process
or operations
refuse and other discarded materials which result from mining,
dredging, construction, and demolition operations
unique wastes and residues of a nonrecurring nature which research and
development experimental programs generate.
DLA delegated the operational responsibilities to DRMS, DRMR, and DRMO in
assisting DoD installations in the disposal of hazardous wastes and other excess
or surplus properties.
Once DRMO takes custody of the hazardous wastes, one of their hazardous
waste contractors is notified for pickup within 90 days.  DRMO's
responsibilities are given below:
Ensure that all containers are properly packaged, labeled, and
Place appropriate shipping labels and vehicle placards in compliance
with DOT regulations.
Transport hazardous wastes to an approved Class I landfill for
possible treatment and/or disposal.  Installation Responsibilities.  At the installation level,
the environmental office is responsible for managing the hazardous waste
program.  This task involves handling and disposal of hazardous wastes.
Basically, the procedures for handling hazardous wastes are as follows:
Properly segregate and containerize all hazardous wastes.
Label each container and indicate EPA identification number.


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