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Prepare disposal turn-in document DD Form 1348-1.
Prepare hazardous waste manifest.
Hazardous Waste Management Plan.  The Hazardous Waste Management
Plan (HWMP) provides guidance to installation personnel in handling and storage
of hazardous wastes consistent with regulatory requirements. Guidelines for
preparing an HWMP are contained in 40 CFR 260-270.  In addition, state and local
regulations must also be complied with, if more stringent than the federal
requirements.  Scope.  The scope of the HWMP depends on the installation's
hazardous waste generation rates.  This section is provided only for guidance
and is not meant to be a complete discussion of HWMPs.  Typically. the HWMP
shall contain the following items:
Installation Instruction - implements the HWMP within the
installation; is signed by the base commander.
Regulations - a summary of the applicable federal, state, and local
regulatory requirements.
Responsibility - duties and responsibilities of all personnel involved
with the management of the HWMP are listed.
Organizational Chart - an organizational structure showing the HWMP
Hazardous Waste Inventory - a compilation of the quantities of
hazardous waste being generated and their sources, type of
accumulation, and storage time.
Location Map - a base map indicating the boundaries and all areas
where hazardous wastes are generated and accumulated.
Standard Operating Procedures - detailed explanation of the correct
procedures concerning the generation, containerization, collection,
labeling, marking, recordkeeping, packaging, handling. storage,
treatment, transportation, and disposal of hazardous waste.  This is
the most critical section in the HWMP.
Inspection Plan - a well-organized plan is required to ensure that the
hazardous waste management program is implemented correctly and the
installation is complying with all pertinent regulations.
Training Plan - personnel directly involved in hazardous waste
management are required to be trained so they can successfully perform
their duties.
Spill Contingency Plan - a description of actions installation
personnel must take to respond to a spill of hazardous wastes.


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