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Custom Search  Workers involved in regular operations at permitted
treatment, disposal, storage, and hazardous waste sites are required to
participate in the second type of training program. This program consists of 24
h of initial training and 8 h of annual refresher training.  Emergency response and HAZMAT teams are to receive training
under the third program, which requires regular monthly training totaling 24 h
per year. Emergency response teams are made up of police and fire departments.
It is the responsibility of the HAZMAT teams to control or stop leaks in
containers that contain hazardous substances.  Health/safety courses shall also discuss the identification
and treatment of Severe allergic reactions and any potential hazards from
animals and insects in addition to the risks posed by hazardous materials.  Both the Navy and the Marine Corps have their own training
requirements. The Marine Corps requires that personnel involved in the handling
of hazardous substances and operators of hazardous substance facilities have
training according to MCO P11000.8 at Section 4608.9. The Navy requires training
be provided for employees involved in hazardous waste operations as stated in
OPNAVINST 5090.1, SECTION 11104d.(9). Navy safety and health training
requirements are specified by OPNAVINST 5100.23B.  Course Options. There are five types of training available.
These are courses taught by contractors off-base, taught by contractors on-base,
taught on-base by installation personnel, prerecorded training courses (video
tapes, films, Cassette tape , and self-study courses consisting of booklets and
other written materials. For specific information such as availability and
nomination procedures of training courses, contact the respective training


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