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Water table elevations, direction and estimated rate of ground-
water flow and similar information on the hydrogeology of the
site.  All data shall be submitted with calculations.
A cataloging and description of aquifers, geological features or
any similar characteristic of the site that might affect the
operation of the facility or be affected by that operation.
If a geological map or report from either the Virginia Division of
Mineral Resource or the U.S. Geological Survey is published, it
shall be included.
f. A signed statement by the applicant that he has sent written notice to
all adjacent property owners that he intends to develop SWMF on the
site, a copy of the notice and the names and addresses of those to whom
the notices were sent.
g. For wastes, other than residential solid waste, a complete description
of the waste amount and character including complete chemical analysis
when appropriate.
Essential elements of the plans include the following:
a. Design plans.  Design plans shall be prepared by a person registered to
practice professional engineering in the Commonwealth and hydrogeologic
studies shall be prepared by a professional geologist registered for
practice in the Commonwealth.
Design plans for landfill consists of, at least, the following:
(a) A title sheet indicating the project title, who prepared the
plans, the person for whom the plans were prepared, a table
of contents, and a location map showing the location of the
site and the area to be served.
(b) An existing site conditions plan sheet indicating site
conditions prior to development.
(c) A base grade plan sheet indicating site base grades or the
appearance of the site if it were excavated in its entirety
to the base elevation, before installation of any engineering
modifications or the beginning of any filling.
(d) An engineering modification plan sheet indicating the
appearance of the site after installation of engineering
modifications.  More than one plan sheet may be required for
complicated sites.  This plan is required only for those
sites with engineering modifications.
(e) A final site topograph plan sheet indicating the appearance
of the site at closing including the details necessary to
prepare the site for long-term care.


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