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(k) Detailed drawings and typical section for, as appropriate,
drainage control structures, success roads, fencing leachate
and gas control systems and monitoring devices, buildings,
signs, and other construction details.
An operations manual and design report for a landfill consisting
of, at least, the following information:
(a) The report shall identify the project title; engineering
consultants(s); site owner, licensee and operator; proposed
licensed acreage; site life and capacity; municipalities,
industries and collection and transportation agencies served;
waste types and quantities to be disposed; and any exemption
waste types and quantities to be disposed; and any exemptions
applied for.
(b) Specifications for site construction and operation shall be
presented, including detailed instructions to the site
operator for all aspects of site construction and operation.
Reference to specifications on the plan sheet shall be
pointed out as well as additional instructions included,
where appropriate.  The specifications shall include, at a
minimum, the following information:
(1) Initial site preparations including specifications for
clearing and grubbing, topsoil stripping, other exca-
vations, berm construction, drainage control structures,
leachate collection system, access roads and entrance,
screening, fencing, groundwater monitoring and other
special design features.
(2) A plan for initial site preparation including a
discussion of the field measurements, photographs to be
taken, sampling and testing procedures to be utilized to
verify that the in-field conditions encountered were the
same as those defined in the feasibility report, and to
document that the site was constructed according to the
engineering plans and specification submitted for
department approval.
(3) Daily operations including a discussion of the timetable
for development, waste types accepted or excluded,
typical waste handling techniques, hours of operation,
traffic routing, drainage and erosion control, windy, wet
and cold weather operations, fire protection equipment,
manpower, methods for handling of unusual waste types,
methods for vector, dust and odor control, daily cleanup,
direction of filling, salvaging, record keeping, parking
for visitors and employees, monitoring, abandonment of
filled areas, gas and leachate control methods, backup
equipment with names and telephone numbers where


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