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equipment may be obtained, and other special design
features.  This may be developed as a removable section
to improve accessibility for the site operator.
(4) Development subsequent phases
(5) Site closing information consisting of a discussion of
the anticipated sequence of events for site closing and
discussion of those actions necessary to prepare the site
for long-term care and any future use.
(6) Long-term care information including a discussion of the
procedures to be utilized for the inspection and
maintenance of run-off control structures, settlement,
erosion damage, gas and leachate control feasibilities,
monitoring for gas leachate and groundwater, and other
long-term care needs.
(c) A design report shall be submitted which includes supple-
mental discussions and design calculations to facilitate
department review and provide supplemental information
including the following information:
(1) A discussion of the reasoning and logic behind the design
of the major features of the site, such as traffic
routing, base grade and relationships to subsurface
conditions, anticipated waste types and characteristics,
phases of development, liner design, facility monitoring,
and similar design features shall be provided.  A list of
the conditions of site development as stated in the
department determination of site feasibility and the
measures taken to meet the conditions shall be included.
A discussion of all calculations, such as refuse-cover
balance computations, stockpile sizing estimates,
estimate of site life and runoff and leachate volume
estimates shall be included.  The calculations shall be
summarized with the detailed equations presented in the
(2) A detailed analysis in accordance with section 3.15 shall
be made of the financial responsibility for the time of
site closing.
(d) An appendix shall be submitted which shall include any
additional data not previously presented, calculations,
material specifications, operating agreements, leachate
treatment agreements, documents related to long-term care
funding and other appropriate information.
Closure Plan.  The applicant shall prepare and submit a detailed
plan for closing any SWMF.  Such a plan shall be prepared in two
parts, one reflecting those measures to be accomplished at the
midpoint of the permit period, and the other when the useful life
of the landfill is reached.


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