Quantcast Subpart C -- Operating Criteria -Cont.

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Procedures for Excluding the Receipt of
Hazardous Waste:  The owner or operator would
be required to implement a program to detect
and prevent attempts to dispose of regulated
quantities of hazardous waste. This program
would include random inspections of incoming
loads, inspections of suspicious loads,
recordkeeping of inspections, training of
personnel to recognize hazardous waste, and
procedures to notify the State if regulated
hazardous waste is found.
Daily Cover:  This requirement would strengthen
current Part 257 criteria by requiring the
application of cover material at the end of
each operating day, or more frequently, to
control disease vectors (disease-carrying
rodents or flies), fires, odors, blowing
litter, and scavenging.
Disease Vector Control:  The owner or operator
of the MSWLF would be required to prevent or
control disease-carrying populations (e.g.,
rodents or flies) using appropriate techniques.
(This requirement has not changed from Part
Explosive Gases Control:  This provision would
strengthen the current Part 257 Criteria for
methane concentration limits (i.e., 25 percent
of the lower explosive limit (LEL) in facility
structures and the LEL at the facility
boundary) by adding a landfill gas monitoring
provision. If the standard has been exceeded,
the owner or operator would be required to take
steps to ensure protection of human health and
the environment, submit a remediation plan to
the State and work with the State in
implementing the appropriate protective
Air Criteria:  These proposed requirements pro-
hibit open burning of solid waste, except
infrequent burning of agricultural and silvi-
cultural waste, land clearing debris, diseased
trees, debris from emergency cleanup
operations, and ordnance.  The owner or
operator would be required to comply with State
Implementation Plans under the Clean Air Act.
These requirements are not substantively
different from the current Part 257.
Access Restrictions:  The MSWLF owner or
operator would be required to control public


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