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access, illegal dumping, and unauthorized
vehicular traffic through use of natural and/or
artificial barriers.
Run-on/Run-off Control:
The owner or operator
would be required to design, construct, and
maintain:  1) a run-on control system to
prevent flow into active portions of the MSWLF
during a 25-year storm, and 2) a run-off
control system to collect and control at least
the volume of water from a 24-hour, 25-year
storm.  Run-off would be handled in accordance
with the surface water requirements described
Surface Water Requirements:
No MSWLF would
be allowed to:  1) cause a discharge into
waters of the U.S that violates CWA standards,
or 2) cause a nonpoint source discharge that
violates a water quality management plan under
sections 209 or 319 of the CWA.  This
requirement has not changed from Part 257.
Liquids Restrictions:
The intent of this
provision is to prohibit the disposal in MSWLFs
of 55 gallon drums filled with liquids and the
disposal of tank trucks filled with liquids.
Household waste, except tank trucks filled with
septic waste, are exempt.  Leachate and gas
condensate from the unit would be allowed to be
recirculated only if the unit has a composite
liner and a leachate collection system.
The owner or operator would
be required to retain historical records,
including ground-water and landfill gas
monitoring, data; inspection records; State
notification procedures; and closure and post-
closure care plans.
Closure Criteria
The closure criteria are designed to minimize the need
for maintenance after closure and minimize the formation and
release of leachate and explosive gases to air, ground water,
or surface water during the postclosure care period.  The
owner or operator would be required to submit a closure plan
to the State for approval.
Closure activity would be required to begin shortly after
the final receipt of waste at that landfill.  Upon closure,
the owner or operator would be required to certify to the


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