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At some locations a combination of both methods has been used.  The multiyear
method requires prior approval from the General Services Administration via
the chain of command.
c.  Contract Contents.
The following general considerations shall apply
to contract contents:
(1) Guide Specifications.  Guide specifications provided herein
have been written in broad terms to cover the variety of
situations found at Department of Defense installations.
Therefore, they require modification to meet local needs.
(2) Drawings.  Drawings provided as part of the contract
documents shall be complete and sufficiently detailed for
planning routes and schedules.
(3) Contract Requirements.  The contract shall provide for only
the level of work required to maintain predetermined
sanitary conditions.  The collection frequencies discussed
in Chapter 3 shall be used, unless justified otherwise.
Unnecessary pickups and long routes result in extra costs or
charges and shall be avoided.  Any items not specified
entirely or left to the option of the Department of Defense
and contractor personnel can result in delays and added
(4) Economic Considerations.  When work is performed under
contract, the economic desirability of the Department of
Defense installation supplying the containers, equipment, or
disposal facilities shall be addressed.  Such equipment or
items shall be furnished to the contractor when it is cost
effective.  Heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, cranes, or
collection vehicles, would only be furnished for the
contractor if exceptionally large savings are expected and
(5) Collection and Disposal Costs.  The cost of waste collection
and disposal is a direct reflection of collection frequency,
length of haul, number of stops, and availability of
disposal facilities.
General Contract Specifications
NAVFACENGCOM issues specific guidance on developing solid waste contract
specifications in the "NAVFACENGCOM Guide Performance Work Statement (GPWS)
for Solid Waste Collection and Disposal"  Navy activities should use this GPWS
rather than the "General Contract Specifications" and "Example Contract" shown
a.  Scope.  These specifications and accompanying drawings (supply
drawings) provide for the collection and disposal al of refuse in a complete
and workmanlike manner for a period of **** years after the contract.  The
contractor will furnish all plant supervision, labor, material and equipment,
except government-furnished items.


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