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(1) All waste will be transported from the collection point to the
disposal area in closed packer-type bodies mounted on suitable
trucks approved for hauling waste.  Transportation equipment
will be clean, attractively painted, and in acceptable sanitary
condition.  Transportation equipment will not be overloaded, and
all doors or other openings in the body of the vehicle will be
closed during transit.
m.  Disposal.  (Use government-operated disposal areas or revise as
necessary for contract operation.)  This disposal area is located as shown on
the plans and is operated by the government on the sanitary fill system.
Insofar as practicable, and on approval of the area supervisor, a trench into
which waste may be unloaded will be provided for the sole use of the
contractor at his request.  The government will supervise the disposal areas
and the contractor will exercise such cooperation as may be necessary to
obtain the maximum benefit the facilities might provide for all parties using
(1) Containers may be standard galvanized garbage cans with tight
fitting lids; approved paper bag collection systems incor-
porating stands/hangers and lids; or larger approved metal
containers having a capacity of 3.06 to 6.12 cubic meters (4 to
8 cubic yards).  They will be handled, cleaned, and maintained
as provided herein.
(2) Emptying Containers.  Do not strike containers against the
collection vehicle to loosen and remove contents.  Return them
to their proper station in an upright position with lids
securely in place after emptying.  Collection of a group of
containers from collection points and then returning them later
in the day will not be permitted.
(3) Unconfined Excess Waste.  Each collection station and adjacent
area will be left free of loose waste at the end of each
regularly scheduled collection.  Waste placed at the collection
station in sacks, cartons, cans, or boxes, or uncontained waste
will be removed by the contractor in the same manner and at the
same time as if it were placed in the regularly provided
(4) Spilled Waste.  Each vehicle will carry a broom, yard rake, and
scoop to facilitate immediate pickup of spilled wastes.
(5) Unserviceable Containers.  Containers which, in the opinion of
the contracting office become unserviceable, will be replaced
with new or serviceable units and returned to the can cleaning
and storage area.  Unserviceable cans will be segregated from
serviceable cans by the contractor.  (Use government-furnished
The segregated cans will be inspected daily by


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