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s.  Assigned Area.  An area of convenient size and location will be
designated for the contractor's use.  All contractor's equipment, when not in
use, will be kept within the assigned area.  The area will be kept clean, with
equipment neatly parked or stacked, and the facility and the installations and
operation will conform to current applicable fire, safety, and sanitary
regulations.  The contractor is responsible for the security of the assigned
area and the equipment kept therein.
(1) The contractor will personally supervise the work or have a
competent foreman or superintendent, satisfactory to the
contracting officer, supervise the work at all times.  The
superintendent or foreman will have sufficient training and
experience in sanitation to recognize unsanitary conditions and
take necessary corrective action.  He or she will be available
at all times during regular working hours to accompany repre-
sentatives of the contracting officer on inspection tours.
(2) Operations and Laborers.  In addition to a superintendent or
foreman, a sufficient number of personnel will be employed to
properly accomplish all work in accordance with these
(3) Identification of Employees.  The contractor will be responsible
for furnishing to each employee, and requiring each employee
engaged on the work to display, identification which is approved
by the contracting officer.  All prescribed identification will
be returned to the contracting officer for cancellation
immediately upon release of an employee.  When required by the
contracting officer, the contractor will obtain and submit
fingerprints of all persons employed or to be employed on the
(4) Releasing an Employee.  The contracting officer may, in writing,
require the contractor to release any employee deemed
incompetent, careless, insubordinate, or otherwise objection-
able, or whose continuous employment is deemed, by the
contracting officer, to be contrary to the public interest.
u.  Reports.
Reports shall be made in accordance with local


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