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clause.  The provisions specified shall not relieve the contractor of
responsibility for competent supervision and compliance with contract
requirements.  Furthermore, continued noncompliance with contract provisions
may also be cause for the termination of this contract.
Contractor Personnel and Identification.  The contractor shall furnish
an adequate number of personnel to carry out the intent of this contract. Each
of the contractor's employees shall wear uniforms of the same design and color
while on duty.  Each employee shall be properly identified by displaying the
name of the contractor and the employee's name or other identification as
approved by the Contracting Officer.  Contractor's personnel shall obey all
the rules and regulations of the base while on the premises of the
installation.  Contractor's employees appearance shall be as neat and clean as
practicable, and employees shall conduct themselves in a proper and efficient
manner that shall cause the least inconvenience and disturbance to family
housing occupants.  The Contracting Officer may direct the contractor to
immediately remove any employee from the job site found to be a security risk,
abusive, under the influence of alcohol or drugs  or in violation of
installation regulations.  The removal from the job site of such an employee
shall not relieve the contractor of the requirement to provide sufficient
personnel to perform adequate and timely service.
Each contractor vehicle shall have the contractor's name, home city, and
local telephone number printed on the sides.  The contractor's name shall be
in 2-inch high (minimum) letters.  Each contractor highway and employee
vehicle shall be registered with base Law Enforcement Command.  The owner
shall maintain current post registration decals.
Strike Contingency Plan.  The contractor shall develop and submit to the
Contracting Officer for review a Strike Contingency Plan explaining how the
contractor shall provide for no interruption of contract services due to labor
disruption.  The plan shall describe how and where qualified personnel will be
acquired as well as a description of recruiting procedures to be used and time
frames that may be needed to secure additional personnel.
Quality Control/Quality Assurance
Quality Control.  The contractor shall establish a complete quality
control program to ensure that the requirements of the contract are provided
as specified.  Appropriate sanitation measures shall be established and
enforced to ensure that the ultimate disposal methods will not create a public
nuisance.  All rules of safety and sanitation which are imposed upon the
contractor by any State or Federal code or law governing garbage or refuse
collection and disposal shall be recognized and effectively carried out in
performance of this contract.
An inspection system covering all the services as stated in the
Performance Requirements Summary shall be adhered to.  It must specify areas
to be inspected on either a scheduled or unscheduled basis and the individuals
who will do the inspection.
A method shall be developed for identifying deficiencies in the quality
of services performed before the level of performance is unacceptable.


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