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Collection Frequency.
The number of times collection is provided in a
given period of time.
Open Burning.  The combustion of solid waste without (a) control of
combustion air to maintain adequate temperatures for efficient combustion, (b)
containment of the combustion reaction in an enclosed device to provide
sufficient residence time and mixing for complete combustion, or control of
the emission of the combustion products.  THIS IS A PROHIBITED ACTION and not
an authorized means of ultimate disposal.
Refuse Disposal.  For the purpose of this contract, the delivery of the
collected refuse to the Base A Sanitary Landfill and the emptying of the
refuse as directed by the landfill manager.
Sanitary Landfill.  A site where refuse is disposed using an engineering
method in a manner that protects the environment by spreading the waste in
thin layers, compacting it to the smallest practical volume, and covering it
with soil by the end of each working day; it meets the criteria of PL 94-580,
90 Stat 2800, 42 USC 6903.  The sanitary landfill will be operated by others.
Solid Waste.  Garbage, refuse, sludges, and other discarded solid
materials resulting from industrial and commercial operations and from
community activities.  It does not include solids or dissolved materials in
domestic sewage or other significant pollutants in water resources such as
silt, dissolved or suspended solids in industrial waste water effluents,
dissolved materials in irrigation return flow or other common water
Government-Furnished Property and Services
Maintenance.  An area for vehicle maintenance repair and vehicle storage
at the landfill will be made available at no cost to the contractor upon
request.  The area shall be maintained in a neat and orderly manner by the
contractor.  If a shop or covered work area is required, it shall be provided
by the contractor.  The liability for and the safeguarding of all contractor
equipment shall be the responsibility of the contractor.
Utilities.  The Government will provide the contractor with all
utilities such as electricity, water, and sewage.  Any additional services
other than those existing in the facilities assigned shall be provided by the
contractor.  It shall be the contractor's responsibility to make any required
utility connections at no cost to the Government.
Property and Services
Vehicles and Equipment.  Contractors shall use trucks specially designed
for refuse collection that have watertight bodies and which do not permit loss
of said refuse.  Open-box trucks, with or without canvas cover, will not be
acceptable, except for collection of large and abnormal items. Contractor's
trucks shall meet all applicable standards established by the Federal
Government.  These standards include, but are not limited to, Motor Carriers


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