Quantcast Abnormal Quantities of Refuse and Missed Pickups

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such large and abnormal items of waste to the contractor for collection.
However, a minimum of one collection trip shall be made each week through all
quarters areas for the collection of all large and abnormal items of waste.
Extra trips during the holiday season may be required to collect all discarded
Christmas trees.  A general purpose or dump truck may be used for this
Spillage.  The contractor shall exercise due care to prevent spillage
from collection trucks and shall promptly clean up all material as a result of
such spillage.  The pickup stations shall be left in a neat and orderly
manner.  (Contractor shall be responsible for repair of damage he causes,
regardless if it was accidental or willful destruction.)
Abnormal Quantities of Refuse and Missed Pickups.  If it is found that
all scheduled pickup stations cannot be emptied before the end of the normal
workday, the contractor shall take necessary action whether it be to work
additional hours or provide additional equipment to route to ensure that all
containers are emptied.  The contractor shall be required to collect refuse at
missed pickup points within eight (8) working hours after notification by the
Contracting Officer or the COR.  It shall be mandatory that all full or
partially filled containers found on the route be emptied that day.  If,
because of contractor equipment breakdown or lack of manpower, the contractor
is unable to complete collection of a route as scheduled, it shall be the
contractor's responsibility to notify the DEH Refuse Collection Section of the
delay and provide emergency service within twenty-four (24) hours of the time
of the equipment breakdown preventing refuse collection.  Failure to provide
emergency services within twenty-four (24) hours may constitute grounds for
finding the contractor in default in accordance with the DEFAULT clause of the
CONTRACT CLAUSES since the contractor is required to maintain a standby
vehicle in case of equipment breakdown or emergency.
Refuse not collected on scheduled collection trips, due to the quarters'
occupant's failure to place said materials at the pickup station, shall not be
picked up until the next regularly scheduled collection by the contractor.
Quarters' number of all failures shall be recorded by the contractor.
Inclement Weather Schedule.  The contractor shall collect refuse during
periods of inclement weather.  Exceptions to this may be authorized by the
Contracting Officer in cases of severe weather.  When exceptions are granted,
the contractor shall accomplish all collections for each day missed in order
to make up all missed collections within 24 hours.  The contractor shall
submit a revised schedule to the Contracting Officer for approval.
Rescheduling to provide makeup collections shall not be a basis for a claim by
the contractor for additional compensation.
Cleaning Requirements
The contractor shall be responsible for keeping all mobile equipment
clean and free of obnoxious odors.  The contractor shall thoroughly wash all
refuse collection equipment with steam, soap, or detergents, and water as
specified below.  (Other methods of cleaning shall be approved by the
Contracting Officer prior to use.)


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