Quantcast Examples of Payment Computation -Cont.

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15 defectives exceeds reject level of 11
Percentage of sample found unacceptable
(defective divided by sample size times 100)
15/200 * 100
Percentage of sample found acceptable
(100% minus percentage found unacceptable)
Credit for sample defectives corrected
(samples corrected divided by lot size * 100%)
15/3,440 * 100%
Acceptable percentage
(% of sample found acceptable + credit for corrected
92.5 + 0.4
Payment for percentage of acceptable services
(Maximum payment for acceptable services times
[acceptable percentage]/100)
$6,000 * 92.9/100
$ 5,574
The rights and remedies of the Government described in this section are in
addition to all other rights and remedies set forth in this solicitation.
Specifically, the Government reserves its rights under the Inspection of
Services clause and the Termination for Default clause.  Any deductions
pursuant to the Performance Requirements Summary shall reflect the reduced
value of services performed hereunder.


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