Quantcast Weight and Volume Measurements

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Arrange for the special collection team to make daily stops to
weigh the garbage at dining facilities with wet garbage
Arrange for an enclosed space in which the composition team
can segregate and weigh the composition samples.
Arrange for the provision of necessary equipment:
! A pickup truck to collect plastic bags from designated
buildings and the landfill.  Note:  If the contractor will
not cooperate in collecting containers, a small dump truck
will be required instead of a pickup.
! Portable, calibrated, truck scales (two each with 20,000-
pound capacities).
! Bathroom scales (two) for weighing garbage at dining
! Plastic bags and tags for distribution by the special
collection team.
! Two broad-mouth shovels and two rakes for mixing and
quartering the refuse selected for composition analysis.
! Weighing scale for incinerator operators.
! Plastic bags and tags for transporting refuse from the
landfill to the composition analysis location.
! Large table (6 x 4 feet) for composition analysis
! Fifteen 32-gallon containers for composition analysis.
! Weighing scale to weigh components (200-pound capacity).
! Broom, brush, and pan for cleanup after composition
! Liquid disinfectant detergent for cleaning up after
composition analysis.
! Approximately six to ten pairs of reinforced neoprene gloves
for sanitation purposes during composition analysis.
! Protective clothing (shoes, glasses and coveralls; four
pairs each).
Weight and Volume Measurements, Step 3.  Construct a daily schedule
for the special collection team indicating which containers (including solid
wet garbage) to weigh.  If the weighing is accomplished by the team at the
collection point, the data (excluding Load Type information) can be recorded
on the collection cards.  If the loaded truck is weighed, a weight sheet shall
be used to record the data.  All truckloads of solid waste traveling from the


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