Quantcast High Cost/High Precision Survey

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with facility activities (personnel levels, floor space, etc.) can be
accurately determined.  The goal of the survey is to enable the installation
to construct models of its solid waste streams.  The models can be used to
forecast the levels of composition of future waste streams.  The installation
will, of course, be interested in the historical data on the solid waste
operation, but, in making decisions on waste reduction and resource recovery,
its primary interest will concern the future nature of the solid waste
No-Measurement Analysis, Step 1.  Complete the five-step analysis
of Plan A (paragraph F.2).  The no-measurement estimates of the activity solid
waste streams and component weights will be used as a reference base to afford
comparisons with the measured (weighed) values.
High Cost/High Precision Survey.
(1)  Step 2.  Perform Steps 2 through 7 of Plan C for the first
quarter's survey.  The four 20-day survey periods shall start
approximately 91 days apart, but two of the survey periods shall be
scheduled within, or bridging, months of high- and low-generation rates.
If the seasonal pattern is expected to be different for the year
surveyed, randomly select a starting month, and then schedule the
remaining three 20-day survey periods to start every 91 days.
(2)  Step 3.  Repeat Step 2 for each of the remaining quarterly
surveys.  The protocol of Step 2 can be reused, with the exception that
new schedules for composition sampling (Step 4 of Plan C) shall be
constructed to avoid inadvertent bias.


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