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AQUIFER - A subterranean geological formation of porous, water-bearing rock.
ASHES - The residue from burned wood, coal, coke, arid other combustible
AUDIBLE REVERSE WARNING DEVICE - An apparatus, usually in the form of a bell,
which is activated by the motion of a vehicle's wheels operating in the
reverse gear.  It produces a loud, rhythmic sound warning both driver and
bystanders (or other motorists) that the vehicle is operating in reverse.
BALER - A machine used to compress and bind solid waste or other materials.
BASKET-GRATE INCINERATOR - An agitated bed incinerator where refuse is burned
in a perforated grate shaped like a truncated cone and rotated about its
axis of symmetry.
BEVERAGE CONTAINER - An airtight metal, glass, paper, or plastic bottle, jar,
can, or carton containing a beverage under pressure of carbonation.  Cups
and other open receptacles are specifically excluded from this definition.
Btu (British thermal unit) - The quantity of heat required to increase the
temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.
BUBBLE TAILGATE - A hollow, roughly hemispherical frame that can be attached
to a compactor vehicle, thereby increasing its total effective capacity.
BUCKET ELEVATOR - A conveyor belt that utilizes a system of bucket-like
containers to transport materials.
BULKY WASTE - Large items of solid waste such as appliances, furniture, trees,
large auto parts, branches, stumps, and other oversized wastes whose large
size precludes or complicates their handling by normal collection,
processing, or disposal methods.
CHARGING HOPPER - An enlarged opening at the top of the incinerator through
which waste materials drop into the combustion chamber.
COLLECTION - The act of removing solid waste from the central storage point of
a primary source.  Types of collection include:
Alley - The picking up of solid waste from containers placed adjacent to an
Carryout - Crew collection of solid waste from an on-premise storage area
using a carryout container, carrycloth, or a mechanical method.
Contract - The collection of solid waste carried out in accordance with a
written agreement in which the rights and duties of the contractual
parties are set forth.


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