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Curb - Collection of solid waste from containers placed adjacent to a
Setout/Setback - The removal of full and the return of empty containers
between the on-premise storage point and the curb by a collection crew.
COLLECTION FREQUENCY - The number of occasions collection is provided in a
given period of time.
Mobile - A vehicle with an enclosed body containing mechanical devices that
convey solid waste into the main compartment of the body and compress
Sanitary Landfill - A vehicle equipped with a blade and rubber tires
sheathed in steel or hollow steel cores; both types of wheels provide a
compaction and a crushing effect.
Stationary - A machine that reduces the volume of solid waste by forcing it
into a removable container.
COMPACTION RAM  - An apparatus, usually hydraulically (or pneumatically)
operated, whose function is the compression or compaction of waste
materials into a smaller volume.  It is usually constructed of a high-grade
COMPACTION RATIO - The ratio of the solid waste volume prior to compaction to
the volume after compaction.
CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION WASTE - The waste building materials, packaging,
and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, and demolition
operations of pavements, residences, buildings, and other structures.
CONTROLLED-AIR INCINERATOR - A two-chamber incinerator where the first chamber
is kept oxygen deficient and the second chamber is oxygen rich.  The second
chamber uses large amounts of clean fuel to complete combustion.
CORRUGATED CONTAINER WASTE - Discarded corrugated boxes.
CRAWLER TRACTOR - A vehicle that moves on metal treads (similar to those of an
army tank) instead of rubber wheels.  Also referred to as a bulldozer.
CRUSHER - Size reduction apparatus that operates by crushing material between
a rotating and a stationary element.  Units consist of either two rotating
drums or a rotating wheel in contact with a stationary wall.
DEBRIS - Grass cuttings, tree trimmings, stumps, street sweepings, roofing and
construction wastes, and similar waste material resulting from maintenance
and repair work.


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