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MODIFIED CIRCULAR REGISTER BURNER - One of five common suspension fired
burners that can be easily adapted for use in burning pulverized coal and
fluff RDF in boilers.
OFFICE WASTES - Solid wastes generated in the building, room, or series of
rooms in which the affairs of a business, professional person, branch of
government, etc., are carried on, but excluding wastes generated in
cafeterias or snack bars, or other food preparation and sales activities in
those buildings.
OPEN DUMP - Any facility or site where solid waste is disposed of that is not
a sanitary landfill meeting the requirement of RCRA Section 6944 and which
is not a disposal facility for hazardous waste. RCRA includes a ban on open
dumps and provides for state plans to identify and develop measures to
eliminate health hazards and minimize potential health hazards associated
with existing open dumps.
PAPER HOGGER - A device that reduces paper (by tearing) into small pieces and
expels them into other waste handling components.
PELLETIZER - A device that compacts refuse-derived fuel (RDF) into small
(pellet size) usable form.
PERCOLATE - To seep through a layer of porous material (layers of either earth
or refuse). A liquid percolating through a layer of refuse material may
become contaminated.
PERSONAL PROPERTY - Property of any kind or any interest therein, except real
property and records of the federal government.
PICKUP STATIONS - Designated locations within the installation, where refuse
and salvage are assembled and stored for collection.
PROCESS CHEMICALS - The chemical(s) remaining after or produced by a given
industrial process (chrome plating, aluminum etching).
PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT (AR 385-32) - Prescribes responsibilities,
policy, and procedures for providing protective clothing and equipment.
PUSH PLATE - A large plate of thick steel located in a compactor truck whose
function is to compact the waste materials deposited into it. Its function
is analogous to the compaction ram in a stationary compactor.
PYROLYSIS - The chemical decomposition of a material by heat in the absence of
QUEUE TIME - The time spent waiting in line or waiting to be serviced.
RABBLE ARMS - Short projections whose function is to break open bags or
containers of refuse. They are usually located inside incineration


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