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RFD - Refuse-derived Fuel - The burnable fuel that is the result of special
processing of various types of solid wastes.
REAL PROPERTY - Lands, buildings, structures, utilities systems, improvements
and appurtenances thereto. Includes equipment attached to and made part of
building and structures (such as heating systems) but not movable equipment
(such as plant equipment).
RECEPTACLES OR CONTAINERS - Cans, drums, bins, or similar receptacles, which
can be handled easily, and multiple containers, which are handled by
mechanical truck-mounted hoists.
RECOVERABLE RESOURCES - Materials that retain useful physical or chemical
properties after serving a specific purpose and can, therefore, be reused
or recycled for the same or other purposes.
RECYCLING - The process by which waste materials are transformed into new
products in such a manner that the original products may lose their
original form or appearance.
REFUSE - Garbage, ashes, debris, rubbish, and other domestic and commercial
solid waste material. Not included are garbage or other salable material
sold under contract and delivered to a buyer at point of generation;
explosive and incendiary wastes; and contaminated wastes from medical and
radiological processes.
REFUSE COLLECTION - A system of transporting refuse, including nonaccountable
salvage, from pickup stations to points of disposal. (Includes hauling
garbage to the transfer station which is required by the terms of a salvage
RESIDENTIAL SOLID WASTE - The food wastes, rubbish, and trash resulting from
the normal activities of households.
RESOURCE RECOVERY - The recovery of material or energy from solid waste.
ROTARY-KILN INCINERATOR - A two-chamber incinerator whose primary chamber is a
refractory-lined cylinder that rotates about its centerline.
ROUTE ELEVATIONS - Any hills or grades encountered in a given collection
route. Route elevations are (when possible) located near the beginning of a
given collection route.
RUBBISH - Rubbish consists of a variety of salvageable waste material such as
broken glass, crockery, floor sweepings, paper, wrappings, containers,
cartons and similar articles not used in preparing or dispensing food.
Rubbish is further subdivided into: combustible rubbish, which can be
burned readily in an incinerator, or noncombustibe rubbish, which cannot be
burned at ordinary incinerator temperatures (800EF to 1800EF).
policies and responsibilities to ensure that hazardous materials on
military installations are properly identified and associated risks
properly managed.


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