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5.2.1 Cost Considerations. When deciding to meter, he following items are
some of the cost considerate.c]ns which must; must be addressed:
q What
fluid(s) are to be metered?
q What
information is required?
What type meter will best provide the information?
q What
is the initial cost of each meter?
q What
type of installation-permanent or temporary?
q What
special equipment is required for installation?
q Will
shutdown of the system be necessary for installation?
q What
ancillary or transmission equipment is required?
How often and to what extent is maintenance required?
q How
much energy loss accrues from metering?
q What
are personnel and training requirements?
6.  OTHER ENERGY MANAGEMENT. High-tmperature water, natural gas, potable?
water, and wastewater represent systems that cost less than either electricity
or steam; however,costs are not insignificant. etering programs should be
initiated to determine how effectively these systems are being used and what
savings can be obtained.
6.1 High-Temperature Water. ot water is frequently employed in applications
closely related to steam.Meters may introduce problems in a hot water system
that do not apply to a steam system, en though many meters can be used in
either system. For example, meter induced pressure drops in a
high-temperature water system can be critical if not accounted for in the
original design. Should orifice meters be retrofitted in a system that was
not initially designed for them, is possible that the difference between
the working pressure and saturation pressure of the fluid, sometimes called
the antiflash margin, could disappear.hould the water flash to steam,
results could be catastrophic, herefore, it may be necessary to employ only
meters that operate with very low or zero pressure drop.
6.2 Natural Gas. Since natural gas is often used for- heating purposes,
individual. meters may result in proportional. savings as is the case with
electrical energy when flat rates are terminated in favor of individual
meters , Thermostats normally are installed in conjunction with a natural gas
heating system.


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