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6.3 Potable Water. Managing use of potable water does offer opportunities to
conserve dollars. Similar to the situation with individual natural gas
meters, installation of individual meters offers management an opportunity to
establish and monitor goals.  Major points of water loss can occur industrial
processes and breaks in water mains.  Additionally, in buildings used by large
numbers of individuals, the aggregate effect of leaking faucets, valves, and
toilet malfunctions result in sizable losses.  In these instances, metering
will help to detect and correct wasteful practices.
6.4 Wastewater. Meters used in wastewater systems are determined by the type
of effluent and usage of the treated product.  Meters determine the amount of
fluid entering the processing plant and verify changes in the volume trends.
With the advent of stringent effluent standards, management must evaluate ways
to reduce the volume and improve the quality of plant discharge.  If the
volume of the fluid to be treated is accurately known, the amounts of
chemicals to be added for co-precipitation or exchange processing of the
effluent can be determined more accurately.


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