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Section 2.
1.  INTRODUCTION.  Although many energy saving activities have been initiated,
the importance of metering is not understood by many energy managers. It
seems obvious that an energy accounting system is essential for control and
evaluation of an management program, however some programs have relied heavily
on intuition and estimates to measure progress toward management goals.
Energy surveys conducted by special teams have found that such programs
frequently lack the accuracy necessary for a well-run, competently managed
energy program. Actions taken as a result of incorrect assumptions are no
better than hit or miss decisions.  This manual emphasizes the need for
adequate metering and comprehensive energy management programs.
1.1 Structure of Manual.  Chapters 1 and 2 present an overview of energy
management and metering programs.  The importance of selecting appropriate
energy measuring equipment and its effective use, together with installation
criteria, maintenance requirements, and establishing a viable energy
management program are summarized.  The remaining chapters discuss the types
of meters under each major category and include  the advantages and
disadvantages of the meters, recommended applications, installation
procedures, and maintenance requirements.


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