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Section 3.
1.  MAINTENANCE AND MAINTENANCE RECORDS.  Since any metering program relies on
accuracy of the information derived , a maintenance, inspection and calibration
program must be established.  Meters must be tested and calibrated prior to
installation and subsequently on a schedule recommended by the manufacturer.
Meters monitoring energy sources entering the facility must be calibrated at
least annually.  Figure 2-5 is an example of a maintenance record form for
utility meters.  This form can be revised to provide salient information for
other types of meters.  Skilled technicians must be assigned to maintain and
service meters and auxiliary equipment.  Personnel without specialized
training must be discouraged from trying to correct any problems encountered
due to the high cost of this equipment.  If skilled maintenance employees are
not available, one alternative is a maintenance service contract.
2.  CALIBRATION RECORDS.  Records of all maintenance, inspection, and
calibration actions must be kept to verify the status and accuracy of the
meter. Historical records should be reviewed to determine whether calibration
is performed frequently enough to maintain meters in good working order.
Certain applications may be critical and require more frequent calibration.
Conversely, historical records may show that the meters do not need
calibration as frequently as presently scheduled.


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