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3.  INSTALLATION.  Oscillating piston and nutating disk meters must be
installed in the flow line, upstream of the activity or outlet they are
monitoring. These meters do not require any minimum length of straight pipe
be installed before or after the meter.  When installing a meter, be sure the
following checks have been made and the indicated items are available.
(a) Check for meter shutoff valve on inlet side of meter.
(b) If extensive line drainage is anticipated, a shutoff valve may be
installed on the outlet side of the meter.
(c) Check for adequate supply of meter connection gaskets.
(d) Ensure that location of meter provides protection from frost,
traffic, or other hazards that may be present.
(e) Ensure that installation is in accordance with direction-of-flow
markings on the meter maincase.
(f) For optimum performance, ensure that meter is positioned in a
horizontal plane.
If remote reading or electronic transmitting devices are used, install in
accordance with chapter 10 and the manufacturer's instructions.
The following inspection schedules are adequate for average
4.1 Monthly Inspection.  In addition to any instructions provided by the
manufacturer, inspect meters monthly for the following conditions:
(a) Meter is operating.
(b) Noisy operation (repair or replace meter as required).
(c) Leaks (repair as needed).
(d) Cleanliness of glass cover on register dial (clean as needed).
4.2 Annual Inspection.  In addition to the inspections in paragraph 4.1,
inspect meters annually for the following conditions:
(a) Cleanliness of meter box, housing, or pit (clean as needed).
(b) Adequate protection from freezing (provide protection at least 1
q onth prior to start of the season).


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