Quantcast Figure 5-16. Commercial Pitot Tube

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FIGURE 5-16.
Commercial Pitot Tube
upstream and downstream of the tube.  Permanent mountings are particularly
attractive when repeated readings will be made but other meters are too
4.  LIMITATIONS.  The use of a pitot tube meter at a specific location may be
limited by the following requirements:
q Only
clean fluids can be measured.
recommended minimum length of straight pipe is required.
q Meter
is susceptible to errors when metering an undeveloped or
disrupted flow profile.
q Temperature
is limited to 537C (1,000F).
q Pressure
limit is 6,000 psig.
q Turndown
is limited to approximately 3:1. (Range can be increased by
stacking dp transmitters.)
5.  INSTALLATION.  Figures 5-13 through 5-16 illustrate a variety of pitot
tube installations. The static pressure tap can be located either on the pipe
or duct or be incorporated in the pitot tube itself.  The pitot tube is


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