Quantcast Figure 7-8.Submerged Probe Level Meter

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probe contains a pressure sensitive transducer and a tube for releasing gas
for bubble formation.  The sensor measures pressure required to produce
bubbles.  The relationship that exists between bubble pressure and head
provide data to determine flow rate.
2.3 Submerged Probe.  The submerged probe type level meter is a differential
pressure transducer that relates pressure created by the liquid head to
atmospheric pressure (Figure 7-8).
2.4 Meter Selection. Table 7-1 illustrates typical site conditions and
possible meter applications and requirements.
Level measuring devices have the following limitations:
Must have access such as manhole or handhole for installation.
Must have electrical power source.
Must have compressed air source.
q Does
not have provisions for digital data transmission and recording.
Installation of the flow channel is permanent at most
sites.  The flow metering device is available as a portable or permanent
type. There is little difference in installation of the two types.
Submerged Probe Level Meter


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