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5.  MAINTENANCE.  Level measuring devices require inspection and calibration
every six months.  For mechanical devices, ensure that all moving parts work
freely and correctly.  For electronic devices, check sensors and processing
equipment for calibration. All devices require periodic viewing to ensure
that material has not accumulated on or damaged the device resulting in
erroneous or no data.
6.  ACCURACY AND RELIABILITY.  Level-sensing devices differ in the method of
operation, but accuracies of 1.0% and repeatabilities of 0.1% can be
expected. Since level-sensing devices are accurate to 1.0%, the developed
relationship between flow level and channel becomes the area of least accuracy
in the system.  Combining the two devices produces a probable accuracy range
of 1.0 to 8.0%.  Reliability of these systems is very good, if basic
maintenance is performed.


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