Quantcast Figure 9-7. Meter Nameplate

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FIGURE 9-7. Meter Nameplate
straight line accuracy up to 20 amps and also use with CTs with 5 amp
secondaries. Class 10 and 20 meters are for use with instrument transformers
only .  Class 100, 200, and 320 meters are designed to directly meter the line
10: 2.5-amp meter with 400 percent overload capability
20:  2.5-amp meter with 800 percent overload capability
100:  15-amp meter with 400 percent overload capability
200:  30-amp meter with 666-2/3 percent overload capability
320:  50-amp meter with 640 percent overload capability
There are some exceptions to the rule.  Refer to manufacturers instructions
to be sure of the correct application for a particular meter. Register Multiplier (Kr).  To obtain the correct number of
kilowatthours, it may be necessary to multiply the value shown on the q eter by
a register multiplier or register constant Kr.  The value of Kr, although
shown on the meter nameplate, can be calculated as follows:
R r x Kh x T F x Gr
Kr =


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