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Section 4.
1.  METER INSTALLATION AND USE.  To avoid injury during meter installation, the
following warnings must be observed.
Eye protection must be worn while switching or when otherwise opening
circuits where an arc or flash is possible.
Wear rubber gloves while working on energized circuits, on any series
conductors, or in a Danger Zone, to avoid electrical shock.
Wear rubber gloves while handling any items in contact with, or likely to
contact, energized wires and when using live-line tools, to avoid
electrical shock.
Discharge any possible capacitance charge in disconnected cables to avoid
accidental arc or discharge that might cause injury.
Use proper type and size of fuse puller to avoid unexpected actions and
risk of possible injury.
Do not work on energized circuits unless absolutely necessary. If work
must be done, another qualified person must be present with instructions
to reenergize circuit if anything unforeseen occurs.
Only qualified electricians will install electric meters.
1.1 General Information.  Before starting any work, the person in charge
should assemble the entire crew for a job briefing.  The job briefing should
include an outline of the following items:
The work to be done.
Each crew member's part in the job.


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