Quantcast Permanent Meters

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q Check
all selectable meter settings to confirm configurations for
monitoring desired parameters.
Check zero for all parameters.
q Observe
polarity of all meter connections.
q Connect
additional ground; use #12 copper wire.
q Reset
all counters, integrators, and totalizers.
Some meters require warmup time. Allow meter to acclimate to
conditions at the test site.
q Replace
all protective covers when setup is complete.
The following items, coupled with the recommended safety equipment (as shown
in the safety summary), assist in successful completion of electrical power
surveys using a PSR.  The required quantities of items listed depend on the
number of personnel performing electrical power surveys.  Ample quantities of
the following items should be kept in good condition and readily available.
Barriers and warning signs.
Live-line and switch tags.
Padlocks and locks.
One-line diagram of building.
q Insulated
Clamp-on voltammeter and ohmmeter.
q Approved
three conductor extension cord with grounding plug.
Electrical insulating tape.
Light meter.
1.1.3 Permanent Meters. The more common types of permanent meters include
the S-type mounted with a socket and the A-type which is hard wired in its
permanent position.  These meter types are designed for original installation
in new buildings or as retrofit equipment when conditions warrant monitoring
an in-place electrical service.  In most cases , electrical service must be
interrupted to install or remove a u eter.


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