Quantcast Remote Instrumentation

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FIGURE 10-1.
Meter With Onsite Monitoring
FIGURE 10-2. Meter With Onsite Recorder/Totalizer
close intervals and no other data or functions are required of the metering
operation. This arrangement would be useful to the onsite operator who
requires an Immediate data record.
1.3 Remote Instrumentation.  With the advent of inexpensive PCS, software,
and new meter technologies, most utilities management functions can be
automated within the foreseeable future.  Meter data may be transmitted to
remote locations by adding a transmitting option and the appropriate
transmission equipment to the metering system.  The transmission distance is
limited by the equipment and the availability of a communications link between
the meter site and the remote location.  Figure 10-3 shows an expansion of
figure 10-1 with the meter-generated data being displayed onsite and also
being transmitted via the telephone system to a remote point that may be many
miles from the meter site.  If information is not required onsite, the onsite
instrument can be replaced with a transmitting module as shown in
Figure 10-4.  Transmitted data can be analyzed automatically using specially
adapted PC software, and reports such as the Utilities Cost Analysis Report
(UCAR) and the Defense Energy Information System (DEIS) II Report can be
generated and transmitted automatically.  Because of the cumbersome nature of
present systems of meter reading, recordkeeping, billing, and reporting, very
little analysis is performed.  Modernizing the way utilities are managed will
save money, improve readiness, and provide better support to the fleet.


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