Quantcast Chapter 2 Using Equipment in Urban Pest Management

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Learning Objectives
After completion of the study of Using Equipment in Urban Pest Management, the
trainee should be able to:
Know the benefits and limitations of pesticide application equipment.
Know simple methods for calibrating urban pesticide application equipment,
Understand how safety is part of every phase of equipment use.
The most needed and reliable tool of all in pest
management is the brain and ability of a technician to
use his knowledge of pest management along with
well-cared-for equipment and good supplies. Pesticide
application equipment used in urban pest management
is, for the most part, time tested and reliable. It is
reassuring and convenient to have tools that seldom
fail. Time, training, and the encouragement of regular
cleaning, calibration, and repair of tools means a
planned program and good supervision.
Failure to care for equipment properly can cause
serious problems. Using worn or clogged spray
nozzles or caked dusters results in misapplied
pesticides. Accidents from breaking hoses and
exposure from leaking valves can result in lost time,
illness, and complaint or lack of confidence from
clients. Lack of attention to these activities is a sign of
m i s m a n a g e m e n t o f  time,  overscheduling,
The small (one or two gallon) stainless steel spray
miscommunications and unclear priorities.
tank is the workhorse of pest control. It is the tool
The more commonly used equipment includes:
most familiar to pest control technicians. It can be
Hand held compressed air sprayers
used in many different ways (and by many different
Power sprayers
industries). In pest management, the "spray tank" is
Canned insecticides
used to apply a flushing agent, or a residual pesticide.
Aerosol and fog generators
Depending on the nozzle selection, it applies different
spray patterns; and depending on the amount of
Bait Stations
pumping, it delivers the pesticide under high or low
Traps, monitoring devices etc.
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