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always be taken to protect the applicator's respiratory
Pets must be removed; house plants and
system when these generators are used.
aquariums must be covered, and
aerating pumps turned off.
Cold Foggers
Exposed foods and food preparation
surfaces must be protected. After
Cold foggers break an insecticide into aerosol-
treatment, food preparation surfaces and
sized droplets and propel them into the air in a light
cloud or fog. Large, ultra low dosage (ULD) and ultra
any exposed utensils must be washed.
low volume (ULV) cold foggers are mounted on trucks
Pilot lights and any other open flame
and used in mosquito control programs, to control
must  be  extinguished.  This  is
pests in large warehouses, and for fly control in some
particularly critical when the oil-based
operations. Cold fog generators drive pesticidal fog
thermal fog is used. Any spark can set
over a relatively large area. Droplets fall on flying or
off a thermal fog atmosphere.
resting mosquitoes or are deposited in very small
Thermal fog generators can burn
amounts on plant leaves on which mosquitoes rest.
surfaces that are contacted, including
the operator.
Aerosol droplets will not move into
spaces where air is not circulating nor
into any dead air cracks and crevices
(e.g., under molding into partially
closed cabinets, drawers, closets.)
Furnace, air conditioning, and
ventilation equipment should be turned
off. [Ventilation will evacuate the
insecticide and may carry it to other
places outside the target area.]
After an appropriate interval, and
before people or pets reoccupy the area,
treated rooms should be thoroughly
For General Application
Fogging should not be used as a single method of
Hand-held cold foggers are used inside buildings
treatment but as a supplementary method to other types
where they fill rooms, small warehouses, etc., with
of application. Fogging or aerosol application is a
aerosol droplets. These floating droplets kill flying
general pesticide application and only pyrethrins or
insects as well as exposed insects on horizontal
insecticides labeled for unclassified application can be
surfaces. Fogs do not enter tight spaces or cracks and
used in this way. If fogging treatments begin to be
crevices. While some aerosol generators are used for
used at increasingly closer intervals, it means that the
crack and crevice applications, they also produce
pest population is not being suppressed and may be
aerosol droplets that float in the air.
Thermal Foggers
Thermal foggers use heat to vaporize oil in an oil-
based insecticide formulation. Large truck-mounted
Dusters apply a fine, dry layer of a powdery
thermal aerosol generators are used in mosquito
mixture containing a small amount of pesticide. Dust
control programs where the insecticide fog rolls across
applied on porous surfaces is not absorbed like liquids;
open spaces killing flying insects as air currents move
it rests on them like a layer of insecticidal powder.
it. Indoors, portable thermal foggers work like cold
This dust accumulates on body parts (insect hairs, legs
foggers except droplets are smaller.
and mouthparts) of insects who touch it. Pesticides in
Precautions. When using fogging or aerosol
dusts are absorbed by the insecticide in the same way
generating equipment indoors:
as liquid sprays. Additionally, if the pest ingests
Applicators should wear respirators.
particles (when grooming or cleaning itself), the dust
Occupants must leave until the area has
can also cause stomach poisoning.
been adequately ventilated.
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