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has little practical knowledge will be used
bait. The bait stations themselves offer natural
harborage. They can augment sprays, dusts and fogs,
ineffectively. Ill-cared-for equipment in bad repair is
or they can be used in place of other more toxic
ineffective and dangerous.
formulations. The key to using these devices is to
To use pesticides efficiently and economically
know where and how to place them.
(without under application [lack of control] or over
application [unsafe]), applicators must understand the
capabilities of their equipment and be able to depend
on correct calibration. They must also be aware of the
Equipment is used in urban pest management and
many types of equipment available. Urban pest control
control to suppress pest populations; it is effective only
equipment is not only sprayers and dusters, but
when used by competent pesticide applicators. Pest
includes other devices such as traps, bait stations,
control equipment used by an untrained applicator who
lights, excluders, etc.
Mgt & Ctrl, Chapter 2, Pg 6


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