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habitat of nontarget organisms, a stream, a marsh, or
an estuary. National Parks and other sensitive areas
are often serviced by commercial pest management
Each state has laws governing pesticide use. The
technicians, and while the majority of urban pesticide
laws are written to comply with federal law and to
application is indoors and minimized, some chemicals
handle state-specific pesticide-related problems. In
are applied outside; spills and accidents can occur in
some states, laws further restrict the use of certain
any situation.
pesticides in that state. State pesticide laws can be
more stringent but cannot relax, overrule, or conflict
with federal law.  Careful study and a clear
understanding of the state pesticide law as well as
federal law is necessary to pass certification tests.
Some local jurisdictions have pesticide laws and
The Federal Insecticide,  Fungicide and
regulations. Local statutes may not relax federal or
Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) regulates pesticides to
state law. Every pest management technician who
protect humans and the environment. Enforcement of
applies, mixes, or transports pesticides must be
this law is the responsibility of the EPA which in turn,
familiar with all rules that govern pest control
may through cooperative agreements, delegate the
authority for enforcing the Act to states and tribes.
The Agency has developed regulations for pesticide
Protection: The Applicator's
registration and use.
Registered pesticides are
unclassified or for restricted use. Applicators of
Ultimately, protection of the environment from
restricted use pesticides must be certified as private
pesticides will fall to the pesticide technician.
applicators  (essentially  agricultural pesticide
Preserving the biological diversity of our planet by
applicators) or commercial applicators. Commercial
protecting the environment will contribute to the
pesticide applicators may be certified to work in
overall quality of life. Each plant or animal is part of
certain categories. [One category is the Industrial,
a complex food chain; break one of the links and
Institutional, Structural and Health Related Category
others are adversely affected. One disappearing plant
for which this training module was written.]
can take with it up to thirty other species that depend
Each state and tribe has laws governing pesticides
upon it, including insects, higher animals and even
and their use; these laws are as strict as with federal
other plants. Urban pest management technicians will
law. State certification plans are approved and
see their normal work as unlikely to affect the
evaluated by EPA. Since pesticide applicators are
environment, but spills and leaks during mixing,
directly regulated and certified by their state agencies,
loading, and transporting, and incorrect disposal, may
a thorough knowledge of the state pesticidal law as
easily wind up in ground or surface water or in the
well as federal law is essential.
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