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Pesticide Application
and overheated office buildings, they build up
In attacking roaches, concentrate on injecting
infestations rivaling the German cockroach. They can
be found across the United States.
pesticides into active harborage rather than
preventively treating uncertain harborage.
The crack and crevice type of pesticide
application is preferred. Use a narrow
diameter extension tube in infested
cracks and crevices to provide a
thorough  application of  residual
insecticide: under furniture, drawers,
sinks,  around pipes and in high
cabinets. First remove utensils and
supplies in cabinets; do not treat shelf
In homes, offices and other non-food
areas, spot applications apply pesticides
to areas where insects are likely to
occur. Apply spot treatments only when
they can be safely used in areas of
known infestation [application areas,
ideally, of no more than two sq. ft.].
Space treatments include aerosols, fogs,
Adult brown-banded cockroaches are the size of
German cockroaches -- about 1/2 inch long. The
or ultra-low dosage dispensers. They
female is a little longer than the male. Her wings are
flush cockroaches, causing them to
reddish-brown to dark-brown, and a little shorter than
cross residual pesticide applications, or
her broad, rounded abdomen. The male, slightly less
they land on the insects killing them by
than 1/2 inch long, has wings that are dark-brown at
direct contact. They lack crack and
the base but light-brown at the tips, which are slightly
crevice penetration. The need for
longer than the tapering abdomen. Both sexes have a
repeated fogging at short intervals
light band behind the pronotum at the base of the
indicates populations are rising, not
wings, and another or partial band about one-third of
decreasing. Fog treatments should not
the way back from the pronotum. The pronotum is
be used in food or occupied areas
dark-brown with very light side margins and never
without prior removal of food and
shows two stripes as the German cockroach does.
follow-up surface cleaning before use.
Bait  stations  should  not  be
Nymphs are dark with two very light bands separated
by a dark band just behind the pronotum. These
contaminated by sprays or dusts that
nymphal markings are more obvious than the banded
may be repellant. Place an adequate
markings of the adults.
number of stations in or very near
Life Cycle
Eggs. The brown-banded cockroach female forms
A technician should record the data collected with
an egg capsule and carries it less than two days when
each activity. Such information is not only helpful in
she glues it to an object in the harborage site. The
understanding the problem over time, but with
capsule is very small, only about l/8 inch long, and a
providing clear communication with clients.
little less than l/8 inch wide. It is oval and light tan to
brown in color. The female usually glues these in
clumps underneath furniture, behind kitchen cabinet
drawers, and in corners inside cabinets and cabinet
frames. These capsules hatch in around 50 days; they
Supella longipalpa
take longer at cooler temperatures (e.g., up to 95 days
Brown-banded cockroaches are not generally as
at a room temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit). A
widespread as the German cockroach, but where they
female may deposit 14 egg cases in her lifetime; 13 to
find favorable harborage, such as warm apartments
18 nymphs can hatch from one egg case.
Module One, Chapter 2, Pg 4


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