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A parasite of the brown-banded cockroach egg
Pesticide Application
capsule is a small wasp, Comperia merceti. A female
Use a narrow diameter extension tube in
wasp seeks dark areas where she can find brown-
infested cracks and crevices to provide
banded cockroach egg capsules in which to lay her
a thorough application of residual
eggs. The tiny wasp larvae eat the roach eggs, then
insecticide: under furniture, drawers,
emerge from the capsules, fly to windows where the
sinks, around pipes and high cabinets.
sexes meet and mate -- and the cycle begins again.
First remove utensils and supplies in
This wasp parasite has been used as part of a
cabinets; do not treat shelf surfaces.
cockroach pest management program.
Consider pesticide formulations not
Nymphs. Nymphs molt six to eight times before
readily absorbed by unpainted wood.
becoming mature for a total of five to six months at
Bait stations with a long active period
around room temperature. At higher temperatures the
are effective, but should not be
nymphal period is nearly halved.
contaminated by sprays or dusts that
Adults. Adult brown-banded cockroaches live
may be repellant. Place an adequate
about six months past the nymphal stage. Males fly
number in or very near harborage.
readily, as can be seen when lights are turned on
Spot sprays often break down before
during their foraging periods. The females do not fly.
egg capsules hatch.
Space sprays lack crack and crevice
No pesticide application used alone will control
roaches satisfactorily without habitat alteration.
The long egg hatching time of the brown-banded
roach requires treatments to be monitored and follow-
up provided treatments, if indicated.
Periplaneta americana
The American cockroach is cosmopolitan and is
Behavior and Harborage
often cited in historical accounts. Its worldwide
Brown-banded  cockroaches,  like German
distribution has been aided by its ability to thrive
cockroaches, build up the highest populations in
aboard ships. Like the Oriental cockroach, the
kitchens. Their tendency is to flourish in apartments
American cockroach is sometimes called Waterbug. In
and homes where high temperatures are maintained.
the southern United States, it is called Palmetto bug.
They frequent high cabinets and favor areas near
stoves and warm motors,  such as those in
refrigerators, electric clocks, light timers, televisions,
Adult American cockroaches are long: 1 1/3 to
and radios.
1 1/2 inches. The wings of the male extend slightly
beyond the tip of the abdomen, but those of the female
Control and Management
do not. This roach is reddish-brown in color, and its
pronotum is ringed by an irregular light color that is
Search areas frequented by the brown-banded
almost yellow. Often this margin is bright and wide,
cockroach. Look for roaches and egg cases.
darkening toward the center of the pronotum. In other
Habitat Alteration
cases, the lighter margin is barely discernible, but it is
always present on the rear margin of the pronotum.
Apply caulk around pipes and other wall
penetrations. Where possible, suggest that the client
Life Cycle
clean and replace shelf paper and drawer liners, reduce
clutter, and consistently remove garbage before
Eggs. The American cockroach female drops her
nightfall. Eating in non-dining areas should be
egg capsules about one day after they form. The
capsules are only about 5/16 inch long and 3/16 inch
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