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harborage with water heaters, floor drains, water
wide, and are sometimes covered with dust, because
sumps, and warm moist basements.
they are left by the female in out of the way places.
[Egg capsules that are clean, dark, and often dropped
Control and Management
in the open, are an indication of a high population.]
Where climate allows American cockroaches to spend
most of their lives outdoors, egg capsules can be found
Search areas that provide warmth and high
in moist wood. Although females produce egg capsules
throughout the year, they produce more of them in the
summer. An egg capsule can form in about one week,
Habitat Alteration
so from 12 to 24 capsules can be produced in the
Caulk around plumbing and other
warm months. An average of 14 eggs per capsule
penetrations in walls, screen equipment
hatch in 30 to 50-plus days.
drains, floor drains, keep drain traps
Nymphs. When they first hatch, nymphs are gray.
full or capped.
After their first molt, they are reddish-brown in color
Remove firewood stacked in attached
like the adults. They molt up to 13 times before
garages, porches, patios, etc.
reaching adulthood. Depending on temperature numphs
Replace mulch near doors and window
can take from six to 20 months to mature. Mature
wells with plastic absorptive ground
American and Oriental nymphs can be difftcult to tell
cover and gravel.
Ventilate humid places.
Adults. Adults commonly live more than one
year, giving the American cockroach an entire life
Pesticide Application
span of 20-21 months. Flying American cockroaches
Use pesticide formulations that are not
are found only in the southern United States.
readily absorbed by porous surfaces
(concrete floors, bricks, stones, soil,
etc.). Apply them in cracks and
Apply pesticides as outside barriers or
spot treatments when they can be safely
used in areas of known infestation.
Use space sprays to quickly reduce
large populations indoors.
Large bait stations are effective when
properly placed in proper quantities.
A sex pheromone is available to attract
males to traps.
Ongoing monitoring is important due to the long
life span of this roach.
Blatta orientalis
The Oriental cockroach is often called the
waterbug, and sometimes the black beetle, or just
Behavior and Harborage
plain, beetle. It is the most common urban roach in
Large populations of American cockroaches live
in warm moist habitats. They can be found outdoors in
the southern United States in alleyways, dumps,
stacked firewood and rotting wood, and in tree
Adult Oriental cockroaches are very dark-brown
canopies as far north as Maryland. [they winter in
or shiny-black. The female is slightly longer than the
landfills of decaying trees at that latitude.] In the
male -- 1 1/4 inch to his 1 inch. Unlike other domestic
North, they can be found in boiler rooms or other
Module One, Chapter 2, Pg 6


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