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than typical American cockroach
baits; maintain a high degree of
sanitation to force the roaches to
Large bait stations can be placed in and
around plants and sprays or dusts can be
Plants may have to be removed and
used for residual effects.
treated elsewhere.
Continue monitoring until the population is
Continue monitoring until the population is
eradicated where these roaches occur inside.
Periplaneta australasiae
Pycnoscelus sufinamensis
Another relative of the American cockroach, the
The Surinam cockroach is another hitchhiker in
Australian cockroach, is introduced (brought in from
plant soil and infests plants used in building interiors.
outside the continental United States) and rarely found
out of doors in the United States except in the Florida
The adult female is about one inch long, and has
a shiny-black head and pronotum, with uniformly
dark-brown or sometimes lighter-brown wings. No
males are found in the United States.
The Australian cockroach is similar to the
American cockroach in appearance but is slightly
Behavior and Harborage
shorter and somewhat oval. Australian cockroach
The species is established in southern Florida and
adults have conspicuous light-yellow margins on the
pronotum. The reddish-brown base color is slightly
darker, and the outside edges of the wings just behind
Control and Management
the pronotum are light-yellow, sometimes nearly-
Granules or soil drenches labeled for that use can
white. Nymphs are brown but have yellow streaking
be administered to the plant soil. Large bait stations
across each thoracic and abdominal segment.
and sticky traps will control roaches that leave the pot.
Plants may need to be removed and treated elsewhere.
Behavior and Harborage
The Australian cockroach is more commonly
introduced with trees and other plants used inside
The last cockroach species listed here can be
shopping malls than the Brown cockroach. It burrows
very difficult to control when they become established
into soil and is not easily detected. The Australian
in areas that import tropical plants to simulate rain
cockroach can build up in large numbers in buildings
forests and other tropical ecosystems. This is
with high humidity.
particularly so when tropical birds and other animals
are also part of the system.
Control and Management
Inspect the entire infested area. Concentrate on
Parcoblatta pennsylvanica
locating the plant soil in which they are burrowing.
This is the most common species of Woods
cockroach among the several that exist. They all live
Pesticide Application
outdoors exclusively.
The American roach sex pheromone can
be used to trap or bait males.
Large bait stations and granules can be
The adult female is slightly less than 1 inch long,
placed in and around plants; limit
and her short wings cover less than half of her
water  where possible to protect
abdomen. She cannot fly. The male Woods cockroach
Module One, Chapter 2, Pg 9


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